Reporting on activity by week

This is a rewrite of this post as i completely failed to understand what i’d written. The original text is left after the break for completeness. A week is a unit of time that has to be derived, and therefore has multiple meanings. Some business will run Monday to Friday, others will run Sunday to … Continue reading Reporting on activity by week

Minimum date in Cognos Report Studio

I have a list containing [Customer ID] [Transaction ID] [Transaction Date] [Sales Team Name] [Purchase Type] I want to have a list that gives me the date of earliest transaction for each customer. Filtering the report on: [Transaction Date] = minimum ([Transaction Date] for [Customer ID]) will give me the earliest date the customer had … Continue reading Minimum date in Cognos Report Studio

Resizing value prompt boxes in Cognos Report Studio

Thanks to the following site for the follwoing. To resize a value prompt insert a snippet of html before it with the following <divid="selectSearch"> Then another html snippet afterwards with the code below </div> var e=document.getElementById('selectSearch'); var myselect = e.getElementsByTagName('select')[0]; if(myselect.childNodes.length>0){''} This will then resize the element automatically within the page (just don't ask me how)