Digital Etiquette – Subject Lines

E-nails have a subject line - please use it. The subject should be specific and aid the other person in processing your e-mail.  Also consider who your recipient is. If you are emailing finance then don't just put 'Invoice' in the subject line - but something about more descriptive e.g 'invoice for front office from … Continue reading Digital Etiquette – Subject Lines

Digital Etiquette – CC and BCC

CC means Carbon/Courtesy Copy - and should be used where a recipient needs to be aware of the e-mail but doesn't have any actions and isn't directly involved.  BCC should be used if you are sending out something like a newsletter and the recipients don't need to or shouldn't know who else is receiving the … Continue reading Digital Etiquette – CC and BCC

Digital Etiquette – e-mail siguatures

E-mail signatures - you need one for new e-mails. This should contain as a minimum.  Name Job Title Employer E-mail address Phone number(s) It should not contain Graphics Quotes It should ideally be in plain text, with no formatting used.  You should also have a second e-mail signature used for replies. This should just contain name, … Continue reading Digital Etiquette – e-mail siguatures