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2021 in review…..

I survived it, that’s all there is to say.

Maybe not with style, grace, or the most healthy coping strategies, but I’m here in 2022.


Comic Agilé

Great part humorous / part education site regarding agile development.


Terminology, Power, and Inclusive Language in Internet-Drafts and RFCs

If you are working in technology, I urge you to view the above RFC Language is important, and we should be aware of the terms we are using, and the impact it has on other people.

Fonts Nice Things

Billy Argel Fonts

Some nice fontage at

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This is such a simple, but powerful concept about thinking of some of the work that we have to do lands our desks. Because often it requires investment of time or money, with the result being seen elsewhere (or by other departments) it is often really difficult to change things.

I explained this to a colleague (as I couldn’t find the original post at the time) and from that point on any rework or corrective action that had to be done was met with an exasperated exclamation of ‘marbles’.

That Marbles Post – Think Productive –

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A nice little expression I overheard

Didn’t quite get first word of it, but either works well. Thanks Angela

Adapt, use, tweak, or fuse

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What to do…. sort your passwords out

While you may have some time on your hands, now would be a great time to download a password manager (1Password is my favourite) and get all your usernames and passwords under control.

1Password is by Agile Bits – their website is

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Platform History – OS

Many conversations around tech often end up in the ‘Apple users are sheep and as they don’t use a ‘real computer’ they are therefore unable to critically evaluate a platform on its own merits

As a bit of a counter to that, I thought It would be interesting to document my own platform history.

Current platforms

iPadOS × 2

macOS × 2

iOS × 1

Windows 10 × 2

Previous Platforms

ZX Spectrum 48

Spectrum +2

Atari ST (TOS 1.04)

MS DOS 3.3


MS DOS 4.01

MS DOS 5.0


MS DOS 6.0

MS DOS 6.2

MS DOS 6.22

Windows 286

Windows 386

Windows 3.0


Windows 3.1

Windows for Workgroups 3.11



Windows 95

Windows 98


Windows ME

Windows 2000

Windows CE

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10


House numbers, people

I did a clinical shift on Friday, and one thing that I’d forgotten about was the joy of trying to find houses when everybody seems to think that having a house number displayed on their property is above them !!

Even if you don’t think you’ll need your house to be numbered, it does help others be able to find other properties, and do so quickly. The standard rules about odd one side and even on the other are no longer guaranteed, especially in cul-de-sacs, and as I discovered a while back, that are broken by a traffic island.

So, make sure you have a nice visible number on your house, encourage your neighbours to do the same, and in the meantime don’t worry about the strange hooded figure holding a bag that is shining a very bright torch onto each door in your street !

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Upgrade plans

Can be summarised as ‘ugh’.

Currently waiting on

  • Mac transition to ARM
  • Mac laptop keyboard that won’t actually fail
    iOS upgrade to support power of iPad Pro
    Microsoft Surface to go to ARM

I also want to move to USB C Power Delivery charging across as many devices as possible (including work laptop) to make charging pretty much ubiquitous, and to reduce the total number of dongles that I need to carry with me.

There is also the Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 that I am lusting over a little – a portable external USB C monitor with 2 usb c ports. Admittedly I’d look like a total douche in Costa, but for the times I’m working from different locations it would be great.